Nothing Personal, Lexington & Concord

Year: 2017
Type: Art Direction / Branding / Layout / Photography
Client: Alexander Kohrs


Nothing Personal — Lexington & Concord

Lexington & Concord is a pop-rock band created by Alexander Kohrs, the band is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Beginning in 2013, Lexington & Concord has shifted members through the years but Kohrs has remained the constant leader of the group. The identity for this band was inspired by the modern sound of Lexington & Concord.

The Lexington & Concord brand is simple and bright. The primary color palette reflects the bright sound of the band. The logo is kept simple in order to be manipulated in future, intentionally thinking about how the band will mature with age. Experimental typography is used in the album artwork for Nothing Personal, mimicking the current sound of Lexington & Concord.

Click here to listen to their music.


Logo exploration during branding process.

Artboard 7-100.jpg