Simplify Summer Camp Booklet

Year: 2018
Type: Print
Client: Community Christian Church
Art Direction: OX Creative.


Thrive Chicago

Community Christian Church hosts a yearly summer camp for StuCo, their youth ministry. The weekend requires a handbook containing the event’s schedule, maps, rules, lessons, and a place to journal in the back. This project was led by OX Creative, design agency based in East Dundee, Illinois. OX mission is to create meaningful collaborations between their favorite brands and causes they believe in.

The moodboard and photography created was supplied by OX's art director. This camp is designed for high school and middle school students and the handbook was created with an aesthetic targeted towards these ages. The color palette, hero art and textures given to me from OX are referenced throughout the handbook to keep to a cohesive style. 

Moodboard by OX Creative.